AIR For Life Emergency Escape Device


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AIR For Life Emergency Escape Device
AirForLife® is a patented emergency escape device that provides the user with a self-contained oxygen supply (22 litres).
• It gives the user a valuable oxygen supply in a situation where their oxygen supply has been significantly reduced or has become contaminated, for example during a fire, gas leak or terrorist attack.
• The AirForLife® device enables the user to breathe for a more prolonged period of around 10 - 12 minutes, giving them time to escape or to be rescued and reducing any potential respiratory damage or failure, thus reducing the loss of life.

• This product is for anybody who works or lives in a confined area, where access to the outside world in the event of an emergency may not be a quick process. For example, workers/residents who work/live in high rise blocks. Staff or commuters working/traveling underground.
• AirForLife® would also benefit those less able or unable to evacuate themselves from an emergency situation, giving them valuable extra minutes. This could be from their place of residence or a commercial building depending on the situation at the time