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Staff Uniforrms
Staff Uniforms

Corporate Wear

We are a supplier of the Brook Taverner Corporate Clothing Range

Staff Uniforms 

Having the most ideal staff uniforms will always prove beneficial for your employees & potential customers.
Ensuring that your staff have the correct image while operating in a professional work environment will always prove beneficial,particularly in industries with frontline employees like the hotel and travel industry.
A professional appearance will set the tone of the relationship your business has with your customers & so tyhe correct staff uniforms are vital.
Often many businesses don’t have a uniform for staff or have a uniform that is not looking it’s best & is outdated & is not benefiting the business.
Office Uniforms
Work Uniforms

Work Uniforms

Make sure your staff look professional with a quality appearance as there are a number of benefits for your business such as the improved morale of staff & greater efficiency.

Office Uniforms

Teamwork & a much more focused mind-set will both be improved from dressing & looking the part in a work uniform. What a businesses staff are wearing will also have a positive effect on both yourself & your customers. Properly dressed staff will be confident & successful employees, & they are more likely to elevate their performance and customer engagement. 

Staff Uniforms

It is so important to choose the right uniform for staff , & there are areas where many businesses don’t make the right choices. Questions such as ; What look should a business go for, what colours should they use, the corporate look or smart casual?  It can be a challenging process if you’ve never had experience with clothing or design & neither have your staff. That’s where our team here at Corporate Wear can help with the Brook Taverner collection of staff uniforms. Corporate Wear will impart expert advice & assistance in selecting the right staff uniform for your business.The Brook Taverner range of corporate clothing offers a complete collection of garments including jackets,trousers,waistcoats,skirts,blouses,shirts,dresses,knitwear,waistcoats,overcoats,jackets,gilets,casual jackets & fleeces.
Brook Taverner divides it’s corporate uniforms into the following Collections ;

Signature Collection | Sophisticated Collection | Performance Collection | Eclipse Collection | Today Collection | Concept Collection | One Collection | Shirt & Blouse Collection | Casuals & Separates