3M 9922 Mask Ffp2V Pack of 10
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3M 9922 Mask Ffp2V Pack of 10



3M 9922 Particulate Respirator_x000D_
Provides relief from nuisance levels of organic vapours and respiratory protection against moderate levels of fine dusts and mists_x000D_
Additional Information _x000D_
Reliable, effective protection against fine particulates_x000D_
Activated carbon layer offers relief from the irritation of low levels of organic vapours, often present alongside particulate hazards e.g. solvents, degreasers and resins_x000D_
Up to 10 x WEL against respiratory hazards generated during welding such as welding fume and ozone gas_x000D_
Durable collapse resistant inner shell_x000D_
Good fit over a wide range of face sizes provided by convex shape, nose clip and twin-strap design_x000D_
Comfortable, lightweight off-the-face design_x000D_
3M Cool Flow Valve reduces heat build-up to offer comfortable protection, particularly in hot and humid conditions_x000D_
Blue colour coded straps denote FFP2 protection level_x000D_
Standard: EN149:2001 FFP2 _x000D_
Approval: CE Marked _x000D_
Maximum use concentration: Particulates: 10 x WEL and below WEL for organic vapours

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