Cederroth 500Ml Eyewash Bottle
Cederroth 500Ml Eyewash Bottle
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Cederroth 500Ml Eyewash Bottle



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Cederroth 500Ml Eyewash Bottle

Cederroth Eye Wash (500ml) has a functional design for effective flushing. The Eye Wash bottle is quick and easy to open with only a twist being required to open the bottle. As well as diluting and flushing away the dangerous substance, Cederroth’s buffered Eye Wash also has a neutralizing effect on splashes from alkalis and acids. Cederroth Eye Wash (500ml) provides a higher chance of saving your eyes in case of an emergency. Cederroth Eye Wash (500ml) features an integrated dust cover that keeps the eye cup clean. The dust cover also acts as an opening device.Bottle Dimensions: 6.6cm x 23.5cmCederroth Eye Wash has a shelf life of 4/5 years, which is the longest shelf life among the eye wash products on the market. Cederroth Eye Wash is CE labelled, sterile and intended for single use and meets all the requirements of the new European standard.

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