Guarded Spring Back Safety Cutter
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Guarded Spring Back Safety Cutter



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• The EZ7 Guarded Spring Back Safety Cutter features a metal cutting guard that moves in tandem with the blade, retracting both the guard and blade simultaneously• The guard covers the blade during top cutting to protect the user and to help reduce damage to the product• The spring-back blade can also be extended without the guard when needed.• Can be used with UKH-324 or UKH-325 Holsters • Attach to CL-36 Coil Lanyard for better retention.Features• Spring-Back retracting blade for added safety• 3 blade depth positions for top cuts, shallow tray cuts and deep cuts• Ambidextrous• Built in tape splitter• Includes one SP-017 Safety Point Blade• Holds 5 additional blades

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