Mini Medics Usb Training Package
Mini Medics Usb Training Package
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Mini Medics Usb Training Package


Mini Medics Usb Training Package

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Mini Medics Usb Training Package

USB pen drive with Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and resources for the Mini Medics first aid training course for kids.

CLICK MEDICAL in conjunction with Nuco Training are promoting a new initiative, ‘Mini Medics’

This is a very basic introduction to First Aid and Defibrillation aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 11, but it can suit children of any age.
The course does not use confusing terminologies and shows complete respect for the child’s ability, making it educational and practical, and instilling the importance of helping someone who is poorly or injured.

Providing one of your staff has completed a first aid course, they can use all the course details on
The ‘Mini Medics’ USB, which includes a fully illustrated Powerpoint presentation, information sheets, flyers and display banner.

This is used in conjunction with our 24 page fully illustrated A4 colour book (sold separately) which includes a cut out Mini medics certificate for each child who takes the course. Each book comes complete with a unique Mini Medics syringe pen (Code: CM1322) or pencil pack (Code: CM1323) .

• The entire presentation course and resources to carry out the Mini Medics program.

Code: CM1180


Mini Medics Logo 1

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