Premium S7 Safety Cutter
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Premium S7 Safety Cutter



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The S7 Safety Cutter combines the utility of an industrial knife with the safety benefits of a self-retracting safety cutterTo maximize productivity this 3-in-1 tool incorporates an easy release film cutter, heavy duty tape splitter and versatile safety box cutterThe guard covers the blade during top cutting to protect the user and the unique angle of the blade is set specifically to avoid damaging the contents within the boxThe spring-back blade can also be extended without the guard when needed and has three locking blade depth positions; top cut, shallow tray cut and deep cutThe integrated film cutter is perfect for safely cutting shrink-wrap, plastic straps, twine and moreUsers also find that utilizing the heavy duty tape splitter while opening boxes further prevents injuries and extends the life of the bladesFeatures:• Spring back self-retracting safety blade• Guard protection mechanism• Right or left handed, ergonomically designed handle• Blade and guard move in tandem and cannot be over-ridden• Integrated film cutter for improved productivity and efficiency• Easy blade change reduces costly razor blade injuries and makes box cutting safe, easy and comfortable• Blunt safety tip prevents puncture wounds• Can be used with UKH-545, CL-36 and SP-017

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