Purell Hand/Surface Sanitising Wipes(Soft Pk) Case/40
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Purell Hand/Surface Sanitising Wipes(Soft Pk) Case/40



These multi-purpose disinfecting wipes are effective for use on surfaces, class 1 medical devices, and are also unique in being safe for regular use on hands. The substrate was specifically chosen because it does not interact with the biocides thereby giving the optimum release of solution, and so greater efficiency

&#149 Proven to kill 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful
&#149 Unique positioning: wipes uniquely approved as a biocide for both PT1 (skin) and PT2 (surfaces)
&#149 Proven to show very good skin compatibility
&#149 Proven to be bacterial, yeasticidal and active on viruses
&#149 Fresh menthol fragrance
&#149 Can be used for wiping patients hands, especially at mealtimes, to clean any smooth surface, including door handles and patient chairs
&#149 GJ92002-40 – 40 count flowpack
&#149 GJ92106-06 – 100 count canister
&#149 GJ92206-06 – 225 count bucket

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