Rff1000 Vision Full Face Mask
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Rff1000 Vision Full Face Mask




RFF1000 Vision Full Face Mask M/L&#149 The Vision RFF1000 full face mask features a unique semi-spherical offering virtually, unrestricted (98%), optically perfect field of vision.&#149 5-point adjustable rubber harness with quick release moulded buckles&#149 Injection moulded LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) faceseal&#149 LSR is hypo-allergenic to prevent skin reaction, and is more durable than conventional silicone&#149 Non-dermatitic TPE inner mask which is essential to the Vision air-flow management system, and prevents reflective glare onto the inside of the PHC (Polycarbonate &#149 Hard Coated) visor&#149 Vision air-flow management system directs inhaled air onto the visor to prevent misting &#149 Available in sizes M and S – contact sales for further details&#149 The Vision RFF1000 is compatible with the Pro2000 range of filters.&#149 Tested and certified to EN136 class 2.

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