Single Notch Blade [Pack 100]
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Single Notch Blade [Pack 100]



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The SP-017 Blade features safety points for added safetyWhile the blade is still extremely sharp, the blunted safety tips help prevent puncture wounds and damaged merchandiseThe blade is designed to easily slice corrugated boxes and a great variety of other materialsThis blade fits most safety cutters at Pacific Handy Cutter including the S4, S4S, S5, S7, S8, EZ1, EZ2+, EZ4, EZ7, GSC3, RZ3 and EZ3The blades are packaged in a box of 100 blades and placed into paper tucks of fiveFor added convenience and safety the SP-017 Blades can also be purchased in our SPD-017 Blade Dispenser.Features• The blunted Safety Point Blade reduces injuries• High quality carbon steel• Last 3 times longer than conventional blades• .017″ thickness

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