Deluxe Reusable Hot/Cold Compress Wrap 9″X 13″
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Deluxe Reusable Hot/Cold Compress Wrap 9″X 13″



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A convenient, non-medicinal and economical way to treat pain relief. The Rapid Relief┬« Universal Reusable Hot & Cold Compress with wrap is designed to deliver broad temperature therapy relief to the larger areas of the body that are so often the source of chronic soreness. Our Form-Fit gel technology prevents gel from sagging; holds it shape and spreads evenly when gel is heated! The selfadhering wrap compresses the area and holds the gel pack in place to target immediate relief.Features• Non-toxic gel • Flexible when frozen, safe for microwaveable use • Ideal to treat larger areas such as: back, shoulder, neck, abdominal area, lower back• Wrap with extra straps: deluxe wrap with Velcro closures and added straps to fit larger areas• Bi-lingual inner packaging (English and French)ApplicationCOLD THERAPY RELIEF:• Reducing inflammation, muscle spasms and pain• Reduction of swelling or bruising from minor injuries• Helps alleviate headache and migraine painHOT THERAPY RELIEF:• Sore and stiff joints• Muscle aches and pain• Muscle tension and cramps

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