Premium Reusable Cold Slippers 5″X12″
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Premium Reusable Cold Slippers 5″X12″




Tired feet after a long day? The patent pending, Rapid Relief┬« Premium Reusable Cold Slippers deliver cold therapy to reduce swelling and relieve foot pain and discomfort. Our Contour-Gel technology allows the compress to mold to the foot, yet remain flexible even when frozen. Manufactured with premium fabric, our reusable cold slippers are easy to use, and designed to provide total coverage to the sole and top of the foot.Features• Flexible even when frozen• Direct-to-skin application• Bi-lingual packaging (English and French)ApplicationCOLD THERAPY RELIEF:• Provides relief from pain and swelling due to pregnancy, over exertion, post-surgery care and side effects from medication• Relieves soreness associated with long days on feet or uncomfortable footwear• Relieves discomfort associated with poor circulation• Relief from various foot and toe conditions such as gout, breaks or sprains

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