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Work Uniforms



If your business requires uniforms or businesswear then have a look at our collections.

We are a work uniform company specializing in the supply of uniforms to companies across the UK.

It is vital that staff look professional in their role & this can be achieved by having them dressed in an appropriate uniform.

We can dress all types of employees with work uniforms such as ;

Ladies Suit Jackets |  Ladies Suit Trousers | Ladies Waistcoats | Skirts | Dresses | Ladies Sweaters | Ladies Cardigans

Our work uniforms can also be worn by male employees.

For male office & public facing staff we can provide them with work uniforms such as ;

Men’s Suit Jackets | Men’s Suit Trousers | Men’s Waistcoats | Ties


Our work uniforms are ideally suited for staff working in areas such as ;

Credit Unions | Solicitors Practices | Insurance Companies | Accounting Practices | Barristers Chambers | Administrative Offices | Hotel Reception | Business Administration | Financial Advisers | Banking Sector | Building Societies | Local Authorities