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We supply a range of workwear to all sectors & if your business needs staff workwear we can help.

Workwear Garment Range

  • Workwear bodywarmer

  • Softshell work jacket

  • Work polo shirt

  • Black polo shirts

  • Work sweatshirt

  • Work shirt

  • Work jacket

  • Waterproof overall

  • Safety boots

  • Waterproof rigger boots

  • Waterproof safety boots

  • Waterproof overalls

Whatever work environment you operate in we have many other workwear garments available ;

  • Work hoodie

  • Softshell  jacket workwear

  • Work trousers

  • Cargo trousers

  • Polo shirts polyester

  • Workwear big sizes

  • Hi vis jacket

  • Hi vis polo shirt

  • Hi vis hoodie

  • Hi vis sweathsirt

  • Hi vis trousers

  • Hi vis bodywarmer

  • Hi vis waterproof jacket

  • Women’s hi vis jacket

  • Hi vis jumper

  • Hi vis printing

  • Hi vis vest personalised

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Corporate Wear UK stock a wide range of quality workwear, ensuring that companies of all industries are able to equip their staff with the required uniform to carry out their job in a safe manner. 

The range we supply of overalls and coveralls are for different uses and vary in standards of protection. 

We are frequently asked questions by companies and their employees when does their work require them to wear which type of overall or coverall they should be wearing.

Your overalls and coveralls are predominantly used as protective wear when your at work, they are to be worn over top of clothes, protecting them and the individual from stains and spills

What is the difference between a overalls and coveralls? 

The overall tends to be a bib and brace style top attached to a trouser bottom, where the coverall has full coverage of the arms and a high collar included. Both overalls and coveralls are commonly used to cover most types of work garments in the UK.

For many years overalls and coveralls are being worn by employees in manual labour jobs such as welders, mechanics, builders and painters, farmers, railroad workers, and engineers. 

Manual labour is a hands on job and requires workers to get their hands dirty, and this includes the rest of their physical self as well.

With spills and splashes occurring regularly, it is crucial that employees are provided with uniforms to protect their own clothes and bodies. Especially when working with substances that are produced as a result of hot work or any work that requires using open flames, applying heat or friction, or may generate sparks or heat.

Also for all railroad workers who require uniforms that are flame retardant and anti-static in addition to high visibility and protection against an electric arc. Our coveralls meets the following standards; EN ISO 11612:2015 A1 B1 C1, IEC 61482-2:2009 Class 1 4kA / ATPV = 7.6cal/cm2 and EN 1149-5:2008 (EN 1149-3:2004).

Corporate Wear UK Supply Personal protective equipment and protective clothing, these include helmets, goggles, respiratory protection,  hearing protection, eye protection, and other garments and equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.